Tickets are available online and at the gate.

Pricing Information:

Free: Children 12 & under.
Free: Veterans on Monday.
Free parking.

Unlimited 4-day pass - $25
You get to see the creative process from the first day to the last! 

Adult/Student Friday Only Pass -  $5.00
The World Record and Maze will be complete. The traditional pavement painting will be just getting started.

Adult Saturday Only Pass - $10
Student Saturday Only Pass - $5 
3D painting will be complete and interactive, the traditional pavement painting will be more than half way completed. 

Adult Sunday Only Pass - $15 
Student Sunday Only Pass - $10
All the artwork will be completed during this day. Last day to visit with artists and see them actively working on the artwork. 

Adult Monday Only Pass - $10 
Student Monday Only Pass - $5
All the artwork will be complete on this viewing day. A few artists will be around and signing autographs. Most artists fly home this day.