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About Us

The international Chalk Festival is a grass-roots 100% VOLUNTEER, 501c3 not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the cultural performing arts. Anyone of any skill level can perform alongside the best of the best! We bring together a global community of cultural enthusiasts, with everyone doing a little, so the experience is great for all! With a budget of over 2 million dollars we are fortunate to receive most of our budget in-kind, from our volunteers, artists, and business partners. We still need cash for those things we cannot get donated such as airline tickets for our artists, lodging, food, insurance, security and rent to name a few things. Can we count on your support either in-kind or monetarily? 

Your support is so important for our volunteer staff and artists who work and contribute so everyone can have the ‘WOW’ experience all have come to love. They cannot do all this without YOUR support. 

Did you know, the artists and volunteers partner and donate their talents. Artists work up to 16 hours a day on their hands and knees creating masterpieces for those who come to view this incredible art performance. Volunteers work 4 hour shifts, with some working all day and sometimes sleepless nights to get things done. The artist's and volunteer's donate collectively over $1.5 million dollars to the nonprofit every year as partners. You see, global community collaboration is our foundation for success. The hard work of our talent draws hundreds and thousands of tourists and festival-goers. Can you give generously to show your support of their hard work and contribution?

Our Family Fun art area grows each year, encouraging over 5000 visitors to participate. It is a place for families, the young and young at heart to have fun and create with chalk and other art mediums. Our student section welcomes more than 100 students, grades 6 – 12, from all over Florida who travel here to chalk alongside dozens of local students. Student participation enriches their lives and allows them to hone their skills and share them with the community but they need your financial help.

The Chalk Festival is funded by sponsors such as you, Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax, State of Florida Cultural Arts, and donations from our visitors. There are more than 300 dedicated volunteers who needs your support to make the festival a success. 

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