What is the Admission Price?

Unlimited passes:
$25 (All Adults & Students)

Day Passes:
$10 Adults (18+)
$5 Students and children  (13+)
Free 12 and under

Parking is free (First Come first serve)

Will there be food at the Chalk Festival?

The 2016 Chalk Festival will feature a variety of food trucks, beverages and spirits.

What happens if it rains?

We make every attempt to protect artwork by covering it with plastic, and being a part of the challenges artists go through to create fine art is a part of this performance. Water does damage the chalk artwork and so does walking on it. Artists will fix any part that’s been damaged from rain. Artists have to handle not only the rain but the heat, cold or wind while they work to complete their artwork.

Can I bring my pet?

No, experts agree that crowds are stressful to pets. Sometimes they get stepped on, tripped over, and bite people or people bite them. 

How do artists get approved to participate in the festival?

All artists are approved to participate - including those who have never tried it before! 

Artists requesting stipend for travel and lodging go through a screening process for approval.

Everyone who attends can participate in the Young and Young at Heart area where chalk is provided to create their own mini-masterpiece.

Can students participate in the festival?

We love students! All students are approved to participate regardless of skill level and must fill out and sign a student application and student waiver form.

Students are provided a class from a professional pavement artist prior to participating, art supplies, student artist t-shirt, lunch, ticket to events, and space to participate.

What does the money collected go to? 

Funds go to the Avenida de Colores 501c3 nonprofit Cultural Arts Scholarships for the participating artists, students and event expenses. The Avenida de Colores is a 100% volunteer organization. 

What is the this years theme and what were the past themes?

The 2016 theme is LOVE & PEACE. Visitors can expect a wide variety of subjects surrounding Love and peace. Hundreds of artists create 3D illusions to interact with and an abundance of imagery for the public to become an integral part as the viewer.

The Festival past themes:

  • 2016 - Love & Peace 
  • 2015 - Eat Drink & Be Merry 
  • 2014 - Extinct and Endangered Species 
  • 2013 - Honoring Veterans, Inspiring Patriotism and Embracing Freedom 
  • 2012 - Circus City, USA 
  • 2011 - Pavement Art Through the Ages 
  • 2010 - Halloween/Fall 2009 Goddess Flora/Spring 
  • 2007 - Movie