We still need you, so please sign up AND the Chalk Festival is being rescheduled to Spring 2019 due to Red Tide. Please visit our blog page to read the press release. 

The Chalk Festival is a local community event that brings together a global community of passionate pavement art enthusiasts. But it cannot happen without passionate volunteers, such as yourself, who make it the ‘awe’ inspiring event that everyone has come to LOVE. The festival is managed and run 100% by volunteers, even our founder, Denise Kowal, is a volunteer. *

Please sign-up today, it's easy. We will direct you to  Sign-up Genius where you can start by creating an account, then you'll be able to select all the positions, dates and times you want. Creating an account is important so you can edit your positions, dates and times anytime. 

Once you have an account and picked the positions you want Sign-up Genius will notify your Chairperson that you are on their team. It will also send you reminders before your shifts. 

You can go to Sign-up Genius by clicking HERE.

This year the restoration of the Megalodon Shark World Record and the human Maze. Therefore, if you have time prior to or after the festival, therefore we would appreciate your help then too! 

Sign-up Genius makes it easy, so sign up HERE. Everyone who loves this festival thanks you. 

* Volunteers get paid a lot with LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, MEANING, PURPOSE, MEMORIES AND APPRECIATION. Tuesday morning, is a private day for all volunteers to view the artwork while sipping champagne and eating bagels because, let's face it... who has time during the festival :)!! 

Volunteers who step up and work long hours as a chairperson throughout the year, who leads a team of volunteers, and who takes on the responsibility of a particular part of the festival logistics are given Sponsor Status for their donated time and talents. Have extra time and energy? Tell us if you are interested in being a Chairperson! 

“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” — DeAnn Hollis