Join the Sarasota Chalk Festival

We need area volunteers to help in Sarasota with a variety of activities this year. We are fully engaged with much to do between our ongoing Avenue of Art exhibit and our November 8-10 International Sarasota Chalk Festival.

Sarasota Chalk Festival current 2024 projects include:
1.  2024 International Chalk Festival in downtown Sarasota November 8-10, 2024

2. Community Workshops at our Sarasota Warehouse on April 20, 27 and May 4th.

3.  Currently Adding to the Avenue of Art, downtown Sarasota. A curated sidewalks exhibition painted by professional artists, students and the community to create a walking tour of art. Over 100 painted sidewalks will be added this season from NOW until May 2024. 

4. We are creating a Chalk Festival legacy film and documenting its history 2007 - 2023 (finding video or stories that others may have to contribute.) 

5.  Organize events and movies associated with the Chalk Festival and relevant to the community at Burns Court Cinema and Film Festivals. 

VOLUNTEER: Sign up to volunteer with us, VOLUNTEER SIGNUP you are integral to our success.

ARTIST: Sign up for the November 8 - 10, 2024 Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival NOVEMBER ARTIST. To sign up for the Avenue of Art painted sidewalks, click SIDEWALK ARTIST.