ARTISTS upcoming events:

APRIL 1 - 30, 2024 -  The Avenue of Art (painted sidewalks)

NOVEMBER 8 - 10, 2024 - The Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival

1. Avenue of Art 

During the month of April we will be expanding the Avenue of Art and we hope you consider painting a sidewalk. Beginner, experienced and experts are encouraged to join us in painting a sidewalk - no painting experience necessary but an enthusiasm to try is a plus. YES PAINTING, not chalking.  

We provide a supply box (paints, paint brushes, tape, roller, and more!) that is yours to use to create your sidewalk painting. When you are done it is yours to keep! 

What to join us in painting the town, CLICK HERE to sign up. 

ABOUT: The Avenue of Art is a self-guided, open 24/7 social distancing event in Burns Square, downtown Sarasota. Over 200 sidewalks have already been hand-painted by Chalk Festival artists as well as local artists, students, families and teams. The artwork thus far was curated to celebrate Sarasota County Centennial. Each painting has a QR code that brings spectators to interesting and informative stories about the artwork and the artist that created it. This April we are adding over 100 new paintings and repairing old ones.

2. The Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival 

The Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival will return to downtown Sarasota for the first time since 2013! We will be hosting artists that create chalk pavement art, 3D pavement illusions, Illusion Rooms and flower carpet artists. We have limited space so please sign up today if you have an interest in participating. 

Want to participate the Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival, CLICK HERE to sign up. 

ABOUT: The Int'l Sarasota Chalk Festival was the first international pavement art festival in the United States. Over the years has brought together the world's most renowned pavement artists to perform alongside anyone who wants to participate - inspiring a community of creativity where artists learn from one another, share experiences and cultures, and make friends. It is a gift that lasts well beyond this event. The festival started in downtown Sarasota and performed from 2007 - 2013. It them moved to the Island of Venice from 2014 - 2022. This year will be the first large event since Hurricane Ian derailed our small nonprofit and we moved from Venice back to Sarasota. We hope you consider joining us and helping us create something magical. :)