Artists & Students requesting to participate as a chalk artist, please fill out the form below. 

Participation for 'artists' in the festival is FREE for Adults of  all skill levels and students 12 years+.

Dates: Artists typically arrive November 8th so they can chalk three days, November 9-11, and depart November 12th. Artists creating installations that require more time can start as early as November 2. The festival is open to the public November 9-12, 2018. 

Form: A completed Sign Up Form is required from anyone interested in participating in the festival. Artists requesting a Cultural Arts Scholarship to pay for travel and/or lodging will be notified if support can be provided. Funding of artists expenses is based on the financial abilities of the 501c3 nonprofit in any given year. Each year we work to provide support for at least 250 artists.

Theme: This year's theme is Garden of Wonder, "A tribute to the marvels of the natural world and the human imagination." Artwork must reflect the theme and be sent to Denise Kowal for approval - you will be sent instruction on how to submit your artwork for approval. 

Group Projects: Group projects that will start around November 2nd, so let us know on the form if you wish to participate in the pre-creative events with Kurt Wenner and Julie Kirk who are leading the teams restoring the World Record Megalodon Shark; or Lorelle Miller, Renshaws and Cass Womak who are leading the Maze team.  

Thank you and we look forward to creating with you, our family of chalk enthusiasts soon!