2017 will be our 10-YEAR Anniversary!! So think how you can enhance this year's festivities! 

The Sign-up Form for artists who would like to participate in the 2017 10-YEAR Anniversary Chalk Festival will be uploaded and available on January 1, 2017. 

The 2017 dates are November 10-13 and the entire event will be held at the Venice Airport Festival Fairgrounds. 

The majority of artists arrive November 9th and chalk November 10-12, 3 days and depart November 13th. Artists creating installations that require more time can start as early as November 3.

A completed Sign Up Form is required from anyone interested in participating in the festival. Participation in the festival is free for all ages and skill levels. Requests for support of a Cultural Arts Scholarship that pays for travel and/or lodging is not guaranteed and is based on the financial abilities of the 501c3 nonprofit in any given year.

Approved artists must submit their artwork to Denise Kowal before space is allocated. The artwork must support and honor the theme for 2017, that will be announced January 1, 2017.

Adult artist spaces touch one another with no space between artwork. The entire space must be utilized. 

Artist signatures must be inside your square. All artists are encouraged to keep the area around their artwork clean at all times of any chalk stains or blotches – volunteers will help you with this too.

If you are interested in performing in another way - please use the application and tell us how you or your groups can enhance the festivities. 

All artists are provided space for artwork, artist t-shirt, chalk/art supplies, lunch/water, instructional class and tickets to events. Classes will be held a day or two prior to the festival and announced a few weeks in advance.