3D Pavement Artist

Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw are a husband and wife team of street painters that bring realism, humor, and storytelling to their 3D paintings. Despite having painted together for more than 15 years, they have managed not to kill each other while chalking. Their skill sets complement each other and allow them to work on larger, more technically difficult paintings. Their work is often interactive, allowing visitors to scratch a lemur’s ears, rescue a rock climber, take a selfie in front of a tiger trap (don’t try that at home!), pull the plug on a machine, or simply be “one” with the art. They live in Santa Clara, California in the middle of Silicon Valley, and paint at festivals throughout central California. They have also painted in Florida, New York, Georgia, Missouri, and Canada.

Wayne Renshaw is a mild mannered architect who runs a small practice specializing in commercial architecture: restaurants, shopping centers, high tech facilities, industrial shops, office buildings, even toilet room remodels and trash enclosures. In addition to street painting, Wayne enjoys photography and watercolor painting.

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