Shelly Bradon started chalking shortly after she took on the job as art teacher for The Geneva School eleven years ago. Since then, she has regularly participated in both the Disney Festival of Masters show and the Rotary’s annual Chalkfest.  She has found it gratifying to grow in this historic medium along with my students who have translated their chalking skills into painting commissions for mural work in his community. She has further enjoyed being recognized for her work by watching her students consistently win awards and by being awarded prizes for her work as well.  Though her primary media is glass and recycled plastic, street painting takes her back to the years when she was painting and selling her work in oil on canvas. Bradon enjoy the public aspect of street painting as it presents an unlikely combination of solitude in a public venue.  When she is asked, how can you work so hard on a piece only to have it washed away, she often responds, “Just because a song only lasts 3 minutes doesn’t mean it’s not worth singing.’”

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