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History is an important part of Ron's life. Most of his family has been in the US since the early 1700 and some even earlier. This was a time when freedom played on the minds on the early settler. Valor and honor was held in high esteem among these freedom fighters. Thomas Jefferson said, "“Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong”.

Ron is sure this what was on the minds of his relatives, Francis Meadows and Zachariah Lee, when they enlisted in the Revolutionary War. The Lee's had two distant relatives that signed the Declaration of Independence. He is sure it was even on the minds of his relatives Conrad Painter and Zachariah Lee Jr when they were in the War of 1812 and all the Painter's and Lee's in the Civil War. John Painter even made rifles that were used in the Civil War. Many more of his relatives served and died to preserve the freedom that we sometimes take for granted. These are the reasons it is important for Ron to show my support in this chalk festival, the Legacy of Valor.

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