Traditional Pavement Artist

From Mission Viejo, California USA
Years Participated 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Renée Keady will be returning for her 6th season with the Chalk Festival. She is an art teacher and coordinates the Street Painting Artist component as well as participates as a Street Painting artist for the annual Arts Alive Festival in Mission Viejo, CA. Being an art teacher allows her to enjoy the interaction with the public on an artistic level. She believes that creative expression is a way to connect with the community. She is not afraid of color and uses vibrant colors to strike up conversations with the audience and engage them in an art experience they will not forget. She always looks forward to igniting the creative spark in those around her while explaining the process involved in creating a street painting. As a Street Painter she is often asked if it bothers her that the artwork will be washed away. Her favorite thing to tell people is, “even though the Street Painting artwork is temporary, the impression it leaves lasts a lifetime.

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