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Why Sarasota Chalk Festival: 

The Sarasota Chalk Festival is a largest street painting festival with an incredible high number of international artists, where I’m able to show a little of my work, and meet old and new friends. And what I appreciate the most is that you can learn from others, and everyone is helping each other, It’s a reunion pro culture, and a celebration of art.

Why do you street paint:

I always loved art, painting is one of the most enjoyable activities that I do, but in street painting, you can approach your work and the process of it to people, so much more than in a canvas technique, so ¿Why do I street paint?, that is simple, because I enjoy sharing my complete process of work with people, and make them interact and live a moment where they could appreciate not just my work, but my friend’s also, surrounded by an atmosphere full of art and passion.


Raul Rincon Gallardo is a Visual Artist, Architect, Muralist and Street painter. Born on July 8, 1988 in Mexico City. 

Since he was a child, Raul showed exceptional drawing skills. At the age of four he won his first painting award, and in 2003 made his first painting exhibition. In 2006 he presented the "Painting and Drawing" exhibition for the First Laureate International Meeting in Mexico City, and other four solo exhibitions. In 2007 for second consecutive year, with his "L'art à Paris" exhibition began the second Laureate international meeting and in January of the same year, he won a scholarship due to his artistic performance at the Anahuac University in Mexico City where he collaborated in the "Spring" painting exhibition, and was named head of the painting workshop. That same year, he made a sculpture diploma at the Amsterdam 13 Station workshop. In August 2008 he gets a scholarship because of his high artistic performance at the UR University in Monterrey City, to study architecture, and performed three collective exhibitions. 

In October 2008 for the first time, he takes part at the fifth edition of the International Painting Festival "Bella Via", where his Street Painting career began. In October 2009, receives an invitation because of his performance at the sixth edition of the BV festival, to exhibit his work in Reynosa city, for the Lights of Art, History and Culture Festival which takes place in March and the "Art Fest" San Pedro N.L. International Festival, which takes place in May, and at the Bella Via "Via Crucis" exhibition in April of the same year. In October 2010, he wins the Youth Institute award at the Bella Via Festival, and after participating at the second edition of the Bella Via "Via Crucis", he is invited to join a Mexican artists delegation, responsible for representing Mexico at the International Street Painting festival in Toulon, France and the XIII Concorso Internazionale dei Madonnari at Nocera Superiore, Italy in May 2011, the same year that becomes a visual artist member of the Council for Culture and Arts of Nuevo León (CONARTE). In August 2011 he complete a Degree in Art History at the Scuola Toscana in Florence, Italy, also he takes a Diploma in fresco mural painting at the AD'A Academy and participates in the world's oldest Madonnari contest, the XXXVIII Incontro Internazionale dei Madonnari that takes place in Grazie, Italy, where he won second award in the Madonnari Semplici category. In October 2011, during the celebration of the eighth Bella Via Festival edition, Raul won the Madonnari award, and was invited by the Via Colori International street art festival held in Houston TX in November for an exhibition with the aim of raising funds for the Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS), which makes him enter the top 5 fan favorite ranking, and he continues through the date performing annual exhibitions for this festival. In January 2013 he obtained his architecture degree, and in October during the tenth Bella Via edition, he received the audience award. For the eleventh Bella Via edition, he won first place in the Madonnari Qualificati category, the "Stracceto" award and the Master Madonnari title, so he was invited again to participate at the International Street Painting festival in Toulon, France and the XIII Concorso Internazionale dei Madonnari at Nocera Superiore, Italy. 

Raul has made more than 20 Stret Painting exhibitions in festivals around the world, is one of the leading artists in Mexico, and now is working on a new painting and sculpture exhibition, and imparting painting and architectural courses at various academic institutions.


Architectural Degree
(Monterrey - México) 2012
Master Madonnari Title 
Patronato Bella Vía (Monterrey - México) 2014
Art History Degree
Scuola Toscana (Florencie - Italy) 2011
Member of the Council for Culture and 
Art of Nuevo León (CONARTE)
(Monterrey - México) 2010
Sculpture Course Diploma
Amsterdam Station 13 Workshop, México DF 2008
Speech for Transmission of Information Diploma
México D.F. ESANS 2003
ESANS Orchestra Diploma
México D.F. ESANS 2003
Cultural Academic Exchange Lycée Saint Marie et Saint Dominique
Bourges, France 2002 - 2003

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