3D Pavement Artist

I always loved art, painting is one of the most enjoyable activities that I do, but in street painting, you can approach your work and the process of it to people, so much more than in a canvas technique, so "Why do I street paint?", that is simple, because I enjoy sharing my complete process of work with people, and make them interact and live a moment where they could appreciate not just my work, but my friend’s also, surrounded by an atmosphere full of art and passion.

This year, I’m going to work in a large 3D piece, and a 2D. The first one It’s going to be the super known Image of the Beatles crossing abbey road, but in a 3D version, where you’re going to be able to interact and look like you’re crossing the street with them, and the second one is a piece that I created to express the feeling of peace and love represented by a woman who enjoy life based on this principals, also I wanted to show a little of symbols about this movement, that are going to be implicit at the painting.

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