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Noami Foster started out at Western State College in Gunnison, CO to pursue her passion for art. Her main areas of study were commercial art and literature. During her final year in university her desire for fine art was magnified after participating in her senior art show and being invited to show in a statewide exhibit for graduating seniors, held at Metro State College art gallery in Denver, CO. It was this experience that opened the doors to other exhibits, art festivals and private showings. After 4 years of being a part of the local art industry, Noami made a move that would take her down a different path. For 10 years Noami dedicated her life to serving in the ministry.

From teaching art classes to elementary/middle school children, to being a youth leader, and a mentor, Noami focused her time and talents on helping people find their purpose and brought healing to their lives. In 2003 Noami began to feel a strong desire to return to the art industry and follow her purpose in life. She returned to school at Colorado Technical University and in 2007 received her BS degree in Visual Communications. Combining her passion for the arts and her desire to help young people, and inspired by the song “True Colors”, a collection was created. The True Colors Collection, made up of African American and Biracial children, crosses all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and captures the spirit of children in their everyday activities.

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