Traditional Pavement Artist

Marion Ruthardt, born in Rheinhausen, a little city near Dussendorf in Germany. She first followed the classical eduction path: High School, final examination and then trading school, to study economy. The business world proved not to be her main interest, which was more in nature and art. She completely changed her life and became a gardener and simultaneously took part in the "International Street Painting Festival Geldern." This was to be her mission in life.

Marion felet art was in her as she grew up with her father drawing caricatures and construction plans. Her first art teacher was Volkram Anton Schart, who is famous in the Rhine Valley. She was inspired by Edgar Mueller's work when he came to the new Boom in Germany. She has seen street painting experience a new renaissance and participated in many events worldwide.

In the winter time, when it is not possible to paint in Germany, there is still enough work for her doing murals painting, oil painting, and sports to strengthen her muscles for the next street painting season.

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