Traditional Pavement Artist

Margarita will be traveling from Mexico to perform in the Chalk Festival. It is her first trip to the USA.

Her love for painting starts since she was a girl. For many years she practice the mural painting in some educational centers for kids. Plastic artist, graduated from the University of Design of Monterrey CEDIM.

Street Art

The street art finds Mar in the year 2007, date that after 16 years of leaving painting as a hobby, she takes the risk of participate in her first Festival Bella Vía contest. This intervention as a winner in the public choice price convince her to continue her job as art maker. The empiric trajectory of Mar Botello, in her way to discover urban art, transforms her in Madonnara Semplice. Until accomplish, by her unique work as an interpreter, of the old masters of the classical art, the title of Maestra Madonara. Her evolution in the street painting or Madonnaro Art, finds her as a great exponent in an international context.

Easel Piece

After rediscover this magic world of hidden talents, she starts a journey in form and color. The fantastic work of Mar Botello, turns into a surreal patchwork of color, leading us to an imaginary, silent, quiet stories of flat shapes, geometric, dynamic brushwork and great chromatic jubilation. This leads to exhibit in different museums in Mexico and the United States. In short, it is certain work for our artist, to trap us in the emergence of a sea of color on the road or in the contemplation of a small sheet in the all, which leads to our unconscious to know his fantastic reality.

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