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Macy Higgins is an emerging fine artist based in Tampa, Fl with an eye for color and taste for unexpected imagery. Born and raised in Florida, Macy was creative from a young age, completing her first series of paintings at the age of twelve. From 2008 to 2012, Macy studied art extensively, learning a vast range mediums and subjects including pottery, art history, and painting. During this time, she developed her unique style of combining elements of reality and fantasy together.

Macy's primary medium is acrylic on canvas, however, she also has a passion for chalk art. Participating in chalk festivals since the age of sixteen, Macy has traveled nationally to create chalk art! Her most recent work was at the Denver Chalk Art Festival in Denver, CO with over 200,000 people in attendance in the course of a weekend. Macy loves creating vibrant, eye-catching visuals that embrace the surreal side of art. Macy has been awarded several prizes for her work, including "People's Choice Award" and "Most Creative."

Macy works under the name Macy Eats Paint and has displayed artwork locally in Tampa and St. Pete as well as nationally in places such as North Carolina and New York. Macy has a true passion for art and encourages everyone to wholeheartedly pursue what sets their soul on fire!

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