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California artist Lorelle Avonne Kozoll Miller expresses a lifetime of developed technique and personal investigation in her works that comprise oils, pastel, marble sculpture, and other mediums. Evidenced in her artwork is a unique sensitivity for mood and emotion, which offer a glance into the deeper wells of her experience. Ms. Miller shares her visions of natural beauty and the intensity of the human experience through her paintings and sculpture. She utilizes a broad yet finely tuned spectrum of media, each of which contributes to her expression in visual art. Her subject matter has been generally figurative throughout most of her career, but expressed within it is a deep-seated passion for nature. The extraordinary challenges of landscape and plein-air painting have fed her continuing hunger to grow as an artist and a painter.

Ms. Miller graduated from California State University, Northridge, earning her BA in art with special emphasis on illustration, graphic design, and sculpture. She continued with graduate work in sculpture and illustration and later received a professional designation as a Teaching Artist from the Music Center Education Department and the Los Angeles Arts Commission. She began her career working for biomedical entrepreneur Alfred E. Mann, starting with Pacesetter Systems and eventually growing to include Minimed, Mannkind, and Advanced Bionics. She developed and managed a corporate graphic-arts department and led project teams to creatively achieve communication and education goals through a variety of print, graphic, and audiovisual formats. Ms. Miller served as the company’s corporate graphics manager for 15 years and also worked as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator while continuing to develop her skills as a fine artist in oil painting, pastels, and sculpture.

Ms. Miller’s desire to develop as a painter, a street artist, and a sculptor brought her to the doorsteps of many master artists that include Morgan Weistling, Mian Situ, Lynn Gertenbach, Margot Lennartz, Joseph Mendez, Ryan Wurmser, David Leffel, Rose Frantzen Karl Gnass, Mark Westermoe and Kurt Wenner. She has continued her development in stone sculpture and has attended the Marble Symposium in Colorado. There, she had the opportunity to work with many renowned master carvers from around the world.

Ms. Miller is also known for her involvement as a Madonnara (street painter). Over the last 18 years, she has been an invited and featured artist in countless festivals throughout California and others in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Norway. There, she has demonstrated her passion for beautiful pastels, working individually and on international team projects, and has received prestigious awards. She continues to work as a freelance 2D and 3D street painting artist for We Talk Chalk on various corporate and international projects.

Ms. Miller is presently teaching teachers the correlation between art and science for the ESCAPE program sponsored by UCI, Segerstroms Performing Art Center and the Orange County Department of Education. She has been involved with teaching fine arts classes for College of the Canyons for 15 years and taught plein air painting workshops for Ventura College. She has also taught in the Saugus School District and was an instructor at SCV-Arts in Santa Clarita for 10 years as well. She has also served as chairman and vice chairman of the Arts Advisory Board for the City of Santa Clarita. She presently gives private instruction in painting and continues to teach street painting nationally and internationally.

Raison D'être

I enjoy the live aspect of working in view of the public and feed off the response of an interactive
environment. I also love the very physical nature of the work itself; it demands agility, strength and
stamina. There is often a wonderful camaraderie between the street painting artists in how we
support each other, learn from each other and act as a family or community.
The images I choose to create are a personal investigation or something I wish to learn about or
expression of something I want to say. They all reflect an inward journey.
My first love in street painting was the great classical masterpieces. These works were wonderful
to paint and draw, as I soaked up the conceptual brilliance of art history. I have reproduced well
over a hundred masterworks, studying their compositions and their exquisite draughtsman ship,
while translating their academic painting techniques into pastels. I trained myself to work without
the use of a grid system, relying on only 2 guiding lines and my understanding of spatial
relationships, anatomy, and construction.
Over time the street painting art form changed and I added 3D anamorphic pieces to my repertoire.
Here I stretched and learned more about the illusionary effects anamorphic perspective. I was
awarded the opportunity to work with Maestro Kurt Wenner and an international team of artists on
2 huge street painting installations. I also became a member of the We Talk Chalk Family of artists
and worked on multiple high profile corporate 3D street painting and mural projects.
I continue to explore and create both my own original 2D and 3D street painting compositions. It is
satisfying to have the ability to express myself in a variety of ways, like a musician who plays
different instruments; I have come to a point in my life where I feel fairly adept in my work, though
the learning and searching is endless.
Throughout my history of street painting I have had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary array
of talented artists from around the world. The interaction between the artists and how they inform
and inspire each other, raises the bar of visual communication. I have grown exponentially through
these opportunities and will always treasure the gifts street painting has brought to my life.
It is hard to put into words 2 decades worth of the extraordinary. All I can say is that

My life has been made fuller, my experiences richer, and my adventures beyond expectation
through the world of street painting and my love of art.
I will add that I have seen how street painting affects the public; it is ageless and speaks to the
broadest range of people no matter their circumstances, their politics, culture or religion. The
paintings have brought smiles, tears, laughter and a connection between us. They have infused
some with hope, some with questions or anger. They have started conversations about important
subjects and at times been a bridge between opposing forces. No matter the effect, it is all fleeting,
a moment suspended till it is all washed away, where only the living memory exists and an
impression that can endure a lifetime.

Education: Bachelor of Art – Illustration/ Sculpture Graduate Program CSUN
*Professional Designation Music Center Los Angeles and Los Angeles Arts Commission

Vocation: Professional Street Painting Artist
We Talk Chalk – Street painter and Mural Artist
Art Educator: Segerstorms, UCI, Orange County Department of Education, College of the
Canyons; Saugus School District, SCV Arts
Free Lance Graphic Artist/ Medical/Technical Illustrator: Minimed Infusion Systems, Advanced,
Bionics, Alfred Mann Foundation, Mannkind

Recognitions: Multiple Local and National and International Awards including participation on 2
Anamorphic street painting projects that were recognized for the Guinness Book World Record

Started Street Painting: 1999

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Facebook  Lorelle Miller

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