Limnesh Augustine was born in 1981, hailing from Kochi, Kerala, India. He is an IT Engineer by profession settled in Bahrain IT Engineer working for the Government . Trained under famous artists V.B Venu and Prof C.S Jayaram in Realistic, Abstract & Knife works. As an artist he is more interested in experiments in 3D anamorphic paintings, Speed paintings, Trenticular paintings, Reperspective Paintings, Fiberglass sculpturing, Gypsum moulding etc and is always into applying project management techniques into painting projects. With the support of a strong team he does both commercial and charity projects and presently holds the Guinness world record for largest 3D anamorphic painting - Piece4Peace). He loves the use of technological ingenuity and the application of it in painting projects.

His latest invention is Trenticular Painting technique introduced in 2012. Trenticular Painting: Trenticular also known as Triple Perspective Lenticular is new painting/printing technique where three different images can be painted/printed on a single complex surface which when viewed from a perspective will display only one image at a time. The surface generally used in Trenticular technique is an array of triangular pyramids. These pyramids are specially designed and positioned to match with the angle of view of Human Eye. If the surface is rotated around the center or the viewer moves around the painting, a visual image transition can be seen which is similar to the transition in Lenticular Hologram.

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