3D Pavement Artist

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee BFA
1979 Drawing and Painting Major, 18 credits intaglio and lithography; Graduated with senior honors and department honors; tuition scholarship based on juried portfolio 1978.

Atelier Prohl; Drawing and painting in the classical realist tradition; 1990-1991

Why do you street paint?
Thoughts on street painting: Of course to do pavement art requires that you embrace its transience and the varying conditions under which you work. You must be able to adapt to the condition of the pavement ... the manhole cover that you didn’t envision in your original design … and you must be able to appreciate the river of colors created as a torrential downpour sends a half-finished piece down the storm drain. In pavement art, everything is flux. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Everything flows and nothing abide; … It is in changing that things find repose.”

Why is the Sarasota Chalk Festival important to you?
I love the energy and creativity that flows through the streets. So much incredible talent from all over the world it is a unique opportunity to meet and talk and work beside some truly amazing folks.

Can you tell us about the artwork you will create this year, is there a story behind it? Are there any personal or particular why you chose this image?
For this year's “Love & Peace” theme I will create an artwork, “Venus and Cupid in a Garden of Peace and Love,”using for my reference a Roman copy of Greek statue after Doedalsas of Bithynia ca 250 BC from Museum Collection: State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia. 

It will be a catoptric anamorphic image which must be viewed by looking at its reflection in a mirrored cylinder. Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image, in this case a mirrored cylinder. Ana-morphosis comes from the Greek words meaning “formed again.”The Dove symbolizes peace and the plants are "Love in a Mist" and "Peace" lilies.

I began as a street painter in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and expanded my street painting destinations to Racine Wisconsin, Florida, California and South Dakota, both for festivals and as an event. In my works I have featured 2D, 3D, catoptric anamorphism (with mirrored cylinder), cromatic anaglyph 3D (view with red/blue 3D glasses) and black-light florescent night pieces.

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