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My name is Kerim Mušanović and I am a 3D Street Artist from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was born in 1991 in a small city in Bosnia called Višegrad, when the civil war started in Bosnia one year after, me and my family escaped in Germany and lived there for six years. There is where I started drawing as a little kid like all kid's did, mostly I drew dinosaurs, especially T-Rex I was a fan of him.

After 6 year of living in Germany and after all calmed down in Bosnia, me and my family came back to Bosnia and lived since then in Sarajevo.

Later I graduated at High School of Art, after that I graduated at the Academy of fine Arts in painting department. And one year later I got my Master degree in the same department - theme (3D anamorphic art)

The first time I saw 3D Street Art was in 2011 on television, one year after I participated on a 3D Street Art Festival in my home town in 2012 and won the first prize.

After all that I fell in love in this kind of art and try to be active all around the globe. I painted Croatia, in several places in Germany, USA and Holland.

Today I follow my second passion as 3D Modeler/Animator and work as a Video game developer and Graphic designer.

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