3D Pavement Artist

Why do you street paint?

I paint in the street because it is the most direct and uninhibited way of sharing my designs and concepts with a broad audience. Because my street art encourages adults to play in public, both physically and in the realm of the imagination. It has the capacity to dissolve many of the growing barriers to real connection modern technologies are building in society, and facilitates bold, non confrontational public interaction. Thus it has the capacity for enhancing and encouraging
positive social behaviour.

Why is the Sarasota Chalk Festival important to you?
Sarasota is a unique opportunity for me to connect with the global street painting community, to share experience and knowledge. There are no other festivals in the world with the resources to support so many international artists coming together in a non competitive way, and this creates a unique opportunity for sharing and creative exploration not found anywhere else.

Can you tell us about the artwork you will create this year, is there a story behind it? Are there any personal or particular why you chose this image?
The Love Machine is an entertaining exploration of the fickle nature of humanity's love for animals. Where we draw the line between 'love' and 'usefulness' according to an animals species is a factor of luck, habit, and geography, from the animal's point of view. The Love Machine depicts the gamble every animal takes as it comes into contact with Humans, and our 'love' for animals.

Jenny McCracken has worked professionally as a visual artist since 1988, building a broad range of experience across many mediums; she creates 3D pavement art, trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye) murals, portraits, commissioned works and sculptures to name but a few. In addition to exhibiting and teaching art workshops, Jenny is also Australia’s most highly awarded pavement artist. Her work is celebrated internationally.

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