Traditional Pavement Artist

I am an artist. I always have been. I get that from my dad. The beauty that I now see in everything is inspired by my mother and especially my brother, Max, who was once a great artist… he was passionate in all he did and found beauty in everything. His memory and passion is with me every time I create.

My name is Jennifer Ripassa. I’m from La Mirada, CA and I had been known as “The Artist” all throughout my school years. I studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at Cal State Fullerton, which was paid for through scholarships and art competition winnings.

I am a versatile artist, skilled in a wide variety of mediums including charcoal, pastels, pencils, oils, acrylics and I’ve even airbrushed a few portraits. I’m regularly commissioned to create private custom paintings/portraiture, usually of pets and loved ones. In 2007, I discovered the thrill and challenge of creating on the pavement, before a live audience, in a crazy timeframe, on surfaces that could make your fingers bloody, and during all kinds of weather: cold, hot, wet, windy… Street Painting had become my new love. I now travel across the country (hopefully around the world soon) sharing this new love. I love how street painting brings the pavement to life. It can be therapeutic and tranquil, and it brings people together. I’m so thankful for my chalk family… they are such amazing artists and friends and without their motivation and support, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.

I am inspired by life and love. I am inspired by the thought that my work might create deep emotion; happiness, even sadness. I want my work to make a lasting impression. Just as my brother inspires me, I want my work, my energy, my creative spirit to inspire the passion and creativity in others. 

If I could paint a smile on everyone's face, I would. “Her artwork makes me smile. It's endearing; perhaps moreso because one of the methods she uses to share her artistry is through the impermanent medium of street chalk. This art is transitory, reflective of the lives Indos had while seeking a new land to call home. Jennifer's proud of where she came from. And we're proud to share her creations with you.” ~ The Indo Project

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