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Can you tell us about the artwork you will create this year, is there a story behind it? Are there any personal or particular why you chose this image?

I was born in Nice and i was particularly shocked by the massacre of Bastille Day in this city. It is essential to stop the hatred that pervades the world. We artists have to show that another way is possible.

Jean-Marc Navello began his career as art director in an advertising agency (Paris). Then, always fascinated by images, he turned to the creation of film posters, which introduced his taste for the large size design. His other passion, the drawing, led him to become illustrator and graphic designer.

In 2010, Jean-marc Navello discovers the madonaro art by participating in the 1st international street painting festival of Toulon. He enjoys it at once!. For 6 years, he’s co-organizer for this event within the association « Compagnie Ho », and practices as soon as possible the street painting in many events around the world.

In 2011, he won the 1st prize (free drawing) of the 2nd international street painting festival of Toulon, and he won the 2nd prize (public vote) in 2013. Since 2012, he specialized in 3D designs. November 2014, at the invitation of D.Kowal, he join the international team of the world's largest anamorphic street painting in Venice.

In August 2015, during his participation in Grazie di Curtatone's 43th festival (Italy), the jury awarded him a « Primo Speciale alla Creativita » and gave him the “Madonaro Qualificati” status.

In 2016, Jean-marc Navello was part of the team which realized a XXL 3D for Wilhelmshaven street art festival (Germany).

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