3D Pavement Artist

The 27-year-old street painter from Kevelaer, Germany Frederike Wouters has been active since 12 years in the field of street painting.

As she had a passion for horses since she was a young girl after high school she trained as a horse breeder. Afterwards she spent tree month in Namibia on a wildlife-reserve where she led safaris on horseback.

Street painting accompanied Frederike Wouters during her whole learning path and helped her to finance her studies of marketing management (tourism and event management) in the Netherlands and Spain.

As the freelance artist she is today, she organizes street painting events, leads street art workshops, creates wall-paintings and never passes up an opportunity to paint the grey patches in the cities throughout the world with chalks and pigments while traveling, at events or for advertising purposes.

With her photorealistic images and 3D-streetpainting illusions she won numerous prizes at international street painting competitions in Germany the Netherlands, Italy, France, Italy and Mexico. The Sarasota Chalk festival is her first visit to the United States.

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