3D Pavement Artist

The Spanish pavement artist Eduardo Relero provides an ideal example of what pavement art can achieve. The artist is fiercely independent and his work is marked by a forceful artistic personality and bold, impetuous execution. The anamorphic perspective is always used to communicate a personal and visionary message and never becomes the point of the work. The tone of his work is profoundly rooted in the strange juxtaposition of a voracious intellectual curiosity and the prolonged real life experience of creating art in unprotected public spaces.

Relero’s technique is honest and straightforward, never overdone. He is uncompromising in his fine arts approach to both the compositional narrative elements and in his selection of themes. In this regard, he is an important protagonist for the art form, making a real challenge to the fine arts world to open their doors and minds to an “outsider art” that is rapidly becoming an important element in the general cultural fabric. Younger artists would do well to study his approach.

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