3D Pavement Artist

Kobra presents works that are rich in light and shadow and the result is a series of three-dimensional murals that allow the public to interact with the work. The idea is to establish a juxtaposition between an atmosphere of romance and nostalgia, with constant turmoil characteristic of large cities, like Sao Paulo. In addition to street painting, Kobra takes part in exhibitions inside and outside of Brazil and he also researches the use of recycled materials and new technologies such as 3D painting on pavements. At the Patriarca Square, in Sao Paulo, the artist made the first 3D painting on pavement in Brazil. The anamorphic technique deceives the eye. The painting may appear distorted at a certain angle, but ‘becomes’ 3D. with an amazing range of depth and realism, when viewed form the correct one. The artist’s latest project, called “Green Pincel”, aims to artistically combat the various types of assault by mankind on nature and the environment.

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