Going Vertical

"I love art. I've been denying this for many years, but it's futile. I give up...It's a part of who I am. I first fell in love with art at the age of five, when I was given a box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper. Through the many changes in life, art has been the constant. Even when I put art on the back burner to work as a yoga instructor, herbal specialist and natural health coach, the flame kept burning. I'm grateful for my diversions from art though, because they ultimately add something to my work.I ultimately realized that art can be a joyful, expressive, illuminating gift that gives the artist a chance to be ethical and conscious. Art can help. Art can make folks happy. Art can even heal. I've worked as a muralist, live event artist, chalk artist, illustrator, scenic, graphic artist, and costume designer. Most of my skills are self taught, some have been refined through schooling and disciplined practice...but none exist without God. I hope to illuminate and bring joy with my work because it comes from my heart."

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