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am an artist. I suppose I always have been. When I was very young, I would draw Disney characters, cartoon characters, fashion models or horses. Isn't that how all artists begin? In school I was always the person chosen to make the decorations for a dance, or make the poster announcing an event. In High School, I drew the cover of Elton John's Yellow Brick Road album on my entire bedroom wall using soft pastels. Thank goodness my parents supported my creative desires because it was a mess! Years later, I discovered the art of the madonarri which used the same soft pastels I used on my bedroom wall but this time it was done in the street! I couldn't believe it! I had no idea people actually did large murals in soft pastels, let alone on city streets! I guess you could say I've been a Madonarri ever since this discovery. I'm hooked.

I gravitate towards doing portraits, especially depicting the world's people. I like to think of all people being multicolored, therefore I use a prism of colors in my portraits. No two are the same and not one of them has a "typical skin tone". I first was inspired by American artist Stephen Bennett and have replicated some of his work at festivals. I later moved on to simply collecting photos that capture my attention and recreate the faces as I see them, using a variety of hues.

I travel across America doing what I love and obtain commission jobs while doing so. What could be better? I use chalk, paints, and now even ketchup as my medium and will paint on paper, canvas, interior or exterior walls, asphalt or concrete, boards or even roofing paper! Because when you're an artist, the possibilities are colorfully endless!

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