Traditional Pavement Artist

Cory Gordeneer is from Marshall Michigan and he enjoy street painting. He has been street painting for several years now. His mother, Terralynn Lake introduced him to the art form and they have partnered on several projects.

Art is and always has been in his blood. He have been sketching for as long as he can remember. he never turned in a school assignment without "illustrated" art on it first. He also studied graphic arts through a vocational program at his high school.

He feels very fortunate to have artistic ability. It has allowed him to find a job that he loves to do every day. He is a Long Arm Quilter for a company that makes custom quilts out of t-shirts that people have collected. For fun, besides street painting, he is a member of the SCA (pre 17th century reenactment), enjoy video games, movies, and playing a good game of D&D with his friends.

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