Traditional Pavement Artist

Cassandra and Lindsay are identical twins who have a passion for art and have loved creating since childhood. They attended a local Career Center in High School where they were taught the fundamentals of art. They then went on to college to earn both an Associates and Bachelors in Art. They use various outlets to be creative some of which are: visual arts, culinary arts. Creating is just their thing. They love making something from nothing and seeing the end result. With regards to visual arts they play around with all sorts of mediums… chalk, paint, mixed medium, plexi glass, cork board, etc.

Cassandra and Lindsay began doing chalk art about five years ago in their home state of Ohio. With a college friend, they decide to try it on a whim one weekend as there was a chalk festival going on downtown. They had never done art in this way before so it was all new and exciting. "It was such a fun experience we decided to sign up to participating at the Sarasota Chalk festival in 2011; again a wonderful experience," says the twins. In 2012 and 2013 they participated in the chalk festival in Ohio. The fact that this art form is fleeting makes drawing on the ground challenging and rewarding for them.

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