3D Pavement Artist

Why do you street paint?

I street paint because it is fun, social and gets me out of the studio. It is a great way to meet people, develop artistic skills and earn a bit of extra money. It has led into other creative work which has enabled me to become a full time artist. Without street art, my practice would not be what it is today.

Why is the Sarasota Chalk Festival important to you?
It is important to me because it is a major centre for Maddonari chalk drawing. I have always wanted to go to Sarasota for the festival and meet other artists and become part of the global chalk community. 

Can you tell us about the artwork you will created in 2017, is there a story behind it? Are there any personal or particular why you chose this image?
It is called 'The Love Machine' which is an entertaining exploration of humanity's fickle love for animals. Where we decide wether an animal is worthy of love or merely useful as a source of food or otherwise is a combination of luck, habit and geography from the animal's point of view. 'The Love Machine' shows the gamble the animal is subject to every time it comes into contact with humans, including our love for them.


Anton Pulvirenti is a man of many talents – drawing, painting, 3D illusions, murals, live art, cartoons, visual minutes and conducting workshops are just a few of his skills in addition to being a Doctor of Philosophy (Sydney University). 

He trained for many years in life drawing classes, studied at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney and has two degrees in the visual arts. Anton has been a pavement artist for about 8 years and is now a full time professional artist. Anton frequently shows 2D work at the Dominic Mersch Gallery in Sydney and

Redsea gallery in Singapore. Anton trained under Maestro artist Felice Scire in Sicily in 2003 and is well versed in the 18th century practice of Sicilian carriage painting. Anton undertakes many commissions in pavement art and also in gallery and studio based work, both public and private. Anton has travelled to Qatar, New Zealand, Italy working as a pavement artist working on commissions and as a street painter.

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