Going Vertical

Anat is a self-taught artist, focusing on murals and street painting. Her professional artistic phase started in 2009. Anat paints with brushes, using latex (house paint), and acrylics. In a smaller scale, Anat draws, illustrates and paints in different mediums.

More than 400 murals under her belt in the last 5 years, she paints mostly throughout the vast Houston area, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, schools, and more. Her work is shown at museums and select shows, and she participates in international street painting and street art festivals nationwide and around the world.

Since discovering her gift, Anat made use of it to pay her bills, but also to deliver messages. The cliché of “one picture is worth a thousand words” gets the full definition when it comes to her work. Her dream is to keep on doing just that.

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