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Alexandra Alfeo is an artist. She is from West Palm Beach, FL. She is 18 and is currently in high school. Alex wears a cochlear implant since she has lost her hearing at a very young age due to meningitis. She has been street painting for almost 3 years and participated over 20 festivals. Alex also had two art openings in 2014 - 2015 at one of the biggest art museum in Florida which is the Norton Museum of Art. Alexandra is also currently an Art Instructor at Star Pointe Arts Academy and is very known by the community for her uniqueness and the work thats been done from street painting to murals on the walls. She also has been sponsored by Tattoo Mania in mid 2015 as an upcoming Tattoo artist, was also featured on a local news doing a live stream chalk piece on the roof of the station. People recognize her for her ability to be versatile and for her creativity as well being amazing at what she does with art.

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