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At the age of four Adry won a first place award in an art show. Since then, Adry has grown from a child prodigy to a teaching professional. By the time she was eleven years old she organized her first individual exhibition, and since then she has accumulated 49 individual presentations and participated in 79 other artist shows throughout Mexico, the US, Cuba and Spain. In 2008 she participated in her first street painting festival and quickly became involved in chalking.

Raison d'Etre:

Since I started to do street painting I felt in love with the experience. I painting all my live, but painting on the street gave me something different. The most beautiful things is see how a stranger becomes a friend. So easy and honest to create conexions.

My brother, CarlosAlberto, is one of the person who knows me very well, specially, in my way to work. We develop a good technique working together. We are in balance. But more than technique, is the feeling to work together, the joy the give us is unique. We share, we talk, we laugh, we support each other, we cheer together. Living is to accumulate moments  and have memories, without doubt, working  together with my brother is one of the greatest moments in life.

I want to show how beauty and great is life, and  all the feelings that give us life.

So I always choose with the human been as the center of all my compositions.

the most important thing is that my piece or art work makes some reaction in the people, some feeling. It´s so wonderful when the audience do some connection with me, hear some words, some stories, their thoughts about my painting, it´s just my reward.

I’m just growing up, every time is a new challenge, doesn´t exist a formula, I have to reinvent myself every time. I discover me. But the most important thing i show art can change the environment, how can unit people, how we can live in a better world.

Street painting brought me the love of my life – my husband Ruben.

My career highlight is my work taking me to 20 different countries coloring the streets. I just love life and all the organizers who made this possible

In 2014 I became Maestra Madonnara, The first and only mexican woman who has this honorable recognition.

Education:  completed degree, academy training

1994-1996   Paint and drawing studio for children     Cabañas Cultural Institute 

1996-2000   Plastic arts Diplomat                                 Cabañas Cultural Institute

1995-1997   Water color studio                                     With painter Jorge  Monroy

1998-2001   Water color studio                                     Water color House

2000-2000   Photography studio                                   Cabañas Cultural Institute

2000-2002   Italian Language                                        Casa d`Italia ¨House of Italy

2004-2005   English Language and Paint studio         Arizona Western College

2003-2009   Visual Arts Degree                                     Universidad de Guadalajara

Vocation: Painter, Street Painter, Muralist


2017 Wilhelmshaven  (Germany) 1st prize

2014    Fiera delle Grazie Curtatone 42° Incontro Nazionale 1st prize

2013    StreetArt Wilhelmshaven  (Germany)                                             1st prize

2012    StreetArt Wilhelmshaven  (Germany)                                             1st prize

2010   Fiera delle Grazie. 38° Premerio del Sanctuario

2009    Human Rights in the context of 1st prize

           Bicentennial of Independence and

Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. (Mexico)

Puerto Vallarta Madonnari   1st prize

2008    Festival Bella Via (Mexico)                   1st prize

2000 “Mitos y Tradiciones”.  CEDART (Mexico) 1st prize

XXI State Paint Show EST 14. (Mexico)     1st prize

XXI State Paint Show. Local (Mexico)     1st prize

XXI State Paint Show. State (Mexico)     1st prize

1998 XX State Paint Show EST 14. (Mexico)     1st prize

1997    My planet and me” (Presidente Intercontinental Hotel )Mexico 1st prize

1996    “Prehistodiviértete y Dinodibuja” TOKS (Mexico)     1st prize

“El niño y la mar”. Marine Secretary (Mexico) 1st prize

“Mi pecera, la ciudad y yo” Expo Pez (Mexico) 1st prize

Pinta con Alegría (Mexico)                                                           1st prize

Started Street Painting: 2009 (8 years)

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FB     Adry del Rocio

Instagram    adrydelrocio

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