_MG_5428This class is for anyone interested in learning more about the pavement arts. Artists that are signed up to participate in the festival as a pavement artist can attend the class for FREE. Others can join us for an introduction to pavement art for $20/$15 for Venice Art Center Members by clicking HERE. Learn about techniques, ettiquete and everything that goes into performing on the street.

Did you know? Anybody, irregardless of skill level, can participate in the festival for FREE and can attend the workshop for free, receive space to chalk November 15 & 16, artist T-shirt, chalk, lunch and a ticket to the Opening Gala November 13 & Closing Awards November 16. Children and the young at heart can chalk anytime in the Kiwanis Children Chalk Block located on the Venice Cultural Campus November 15 & 16.

Instructor Lori Escalera has been chalking with us since 2007. A native Los Angeleno, Lori centered her artistic life in the suburbs of the Southern California. Her artistic interests are figurative and revolve around the study of the figure. Lori questions the artist's place in the continuum of art history and cultural beliefs. Lori is a cross medium artist, whose primary work is done in oil paint and chalk. She exhibits her creativity in wet and dry mediums and in the street. Her work takes on an energy and vibrancy that refreshes the spirit and enlivens the imagination.

Lori’s career path from the Advertising Arte lead her In 1994 to begin Chalk Art Street Painting. by 2008 she became one of the world’s top recognized Street Painters. Her passion is recreating Neo Baroque and Academic Classism in the street. At the same time she began creating public art murals with community sectors. These murals act as anti-graffiti project examples, strengthen societal bonds, and serve Youth at Risk. In 2007 Escalera became Sarasota’s first featured artist at the Inaugural Sarsota Chalk Festival.

Lori has a passion for old Master style oil painting layering more transparent layers of glaze over bases of lower chroma color and painting Flemish style, influenced by Dutch Master Rembrandt and contemporary Master F. Scott Hess.

Topics covered indoors will include:

- background history

- tools to make your chalk experience more enjoyable

- short video of previous events

- things to pack, what comes in handy

- preparing your art - about gridding art and getting started on the ground

- styles of street painting

- copying masters, 3D illusionary and original art

Outdoors demonstration and hands on:

- about chalks - handmade, Richeson, Eternity, Kohl, Rembrandt (have some samples)

- chalk methods

- smearing & stroking

- performing for an audience

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