Truman_AdamsTruman Adams, 36, is a local artist and a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design. He is a freelance artist and muralist. In 2009 he created his first street painting at the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Today, he is making strides in the art form, earning commissions and invitations as a featured artist in festival around the US. For the 2014 theme, 'Extinct and Endangered Species,' Truman will focus on the endangered honey bee. There are about 30,000 bee species and while most are solitary in behavior, roughly 1,000 have an advanced social behavior. They are the most known social bee. About 70% of our crops require pollination to develop fruits, nuts, and seeds, which represents one trillion dollars in annual sales. Countries such as China, Brazil, North America, and Europe have documented a great decline in the number of bee populations. Until recently, bee pollinators have always been taken for granted. Today, people are preserving bees and other pollinators, realizing they are essential to our economy and to sustain life. You can see Truman's 3D pavement art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival, November 14-17, 2014 at the Venice Cultural Campus. Please consider supporting our nonprofit so we can feature artists like Truman, please help us by donating today. FUND WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT  bee copy