Bys5GLKCYAAE25pJulie Kirk will be the first female artist to lead an international team to victory, securing the Guinness World Record for the Largest 3D Street Painting. Julie Kirk is one of the first female artists in the United States to pioneer 3D street painting. She is the chair of her art department, a full-time painting professor and currently working on her doctorate. She is the mother of 5. Julie grew up watching her grandmother paint in her studio and while Julie had artistic talent herself, she never thought studying art was a profession. She believed all the great paintings had been painted and went to college as a computer science major and worked towards becoming a programmer. It was not until Julie was 25, after the birth of her fifth child, that she took her first art class. She recalls her children wandering the halls of Art Center in Pasedena during school holidays and modeling in her head drawing classes. She introduced street painting in locations such as Oman and Istanbul, as well as helping many new artists - some very well known now - get started. Julie loves dogs. She has two dogs that are both trained for search and rescue. She is on the State k9 SAR team as well as FEMA California task force 6 and the county sheriff team. Volunteer work with her dogs is a big part of her life. Julie and the team of festival artists and volunteers need your help for our region and for the USA to secure this record in Venice, Florida. Please donate by clicking on Fund World Record Attempt below and be a part of our winning team - every bit helps this community initiative therefore we thank you for supporting our volunteer 501c3 nonprofit cultural arts organization. Visitors will be able to view the artwork during the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice, November 14 - 17, 2014 at the Venice Festival Fairgrounds, Venice Airport - See events and directions for details. FUND WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT  120 DONE Julie Kirk, Canada 20' x 30', Original Design, Sarasota Chalk Festival 2011 copy 2