The 'Faux Feathers, Fins & Fur' Opening Gala! Come celebrate the 2014 Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice inaugural event 'Extinct and Endangered Species' and meet all the artists who will turn the city streets into a Museum in Motion! This year we are offering appointments for guests to have their faces, arms or legs painted to honor this year's theme. To get everyone in the spirit, we have MYTHICA, who was featured on the premier of GNCTV SKIN WARS. She wants to paint you! Mythica has participated in the Sarasota Chalk Festival for the past several seasons. She is a delight each year, more than a body painter, so sign up and find out how much fun you can have getting yourself painted - or sign up someone you LOVE! Mythica and several other professional painters will help you make your night an enjoyable and fun evening for all. NO nudity will be allowed. Guests must be dressed appropriately for the Gala and only allowed to have their legs, arms and/or faces painted. Prices start at $25 per session/$100 per session with Mythica. To schedule your appointment, click HERE. 324926_425760677461667_606319628_o