THIS EVENT HAS ENDED3E Illusion Museum Presented by Chalk Festival

Over 55 interactive illusions were created in collaboration with world-renowned Chalk Festival artists in the Ice House, downtown Sarasota, Florida. The space was an 8,000 square foot building that used to make ice. Each illusion was hand-painted original works-of-art that spectators were encouraged to step onto and become a part of the illusion. Visitors were encouraged to bring ya camera and to get ready to take mind-blowing photos of petting a tiger, holding off an alligator, kissing a huge frog, being chased by a T-Rex, or in a fish tank with an adorable gold fish... to name a few magnificent illusions!

This experience was a fundraiser that founder, Denise Kowal dreamt up and realized. Organized by a handful of Chalk Festival volunteers for the Avenida de Colores 501c3 cultural arts organization. It is sure to be the best fundraising event you have ever been to - then the pandemic hit! 

The museum had large rooms, high ceilings and several roll-up doors with great ventilation affording an abundance of space to social distance easily. Social distancing was built into the model to allow guests time and space to take great photos. It was interactive but nobody needed to touch anything.  

The project, while outstanding and the first of its kind to be done in the world, was not financially successful due to the pandemic, closing for the entire month of April and limiting events, hours and attendance to stop the spread. 

Participating Artists

  • Gregor Wosik, Germany
  • Cuboliquido, Italy (delayed due to coronavirus)
  • Eduardo Relero, Argentina
  • Remko VanShaik, The Netherlands
  • Santiago Hernandez, Mexico *
  • Carlos Hernandez, Mexico
  • Ruben Arriaga, Mexico
  • Sergio Nino, Columbia
  • Limnesh Augustine, India
  • Jincy Babu, India
  • Kanako Matsumoto, Japan *
  • Lori Escalera, California
  • Kumpa Tawornprom, Florida
  • Bridget Lyons, Florida *
  • Truman Adams, Sarasota, Florida
  • Leon Keer, Netherlands (delayed to to coronavirus)
  • Matt McAllister, Florida
  • Ruben Arriaga, Mexico
  • Lester Mendoza, Florida
  • Luther Rosebaro, Sarasota, Florida
  • Sharyn Chan, California
  • Esh, Florida
  • Kurt Wenner, Italy (delayed due to coronavirus)

* 3D Illusion Museum Resident Artists

EVENT DETAILS: The 3D Illusion Museum was located at the Ice House, 1314 10th Street in downtown Sarasota, Florida USA. The location is now being renovated to be a dog friendly restaurant/bar. 

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