Nov 10th - 13th

8am - 6pm


900 Airport Avenue East

We have accomplished a lot together over the past ten years with the help of all our dedicated volunteers, talented artists, generous donors and enthusiastic audience. As a 501c3 cultural arts nonprofit organization we manage to do a lot with a small amount of resources but a large amount of heart and in-kind support that surpasses any other arts organization in the USA.

This year we want to highlight how we started and all the steps along the way that make the Chalk Festival what it is today, an internationally renown festival that hosts the largest gathering of professional pavement artists and 3D pavement art in the world. 

Come see our museum display of event highlights, displayed under a tent.

If you have stories to share about your memorable experience, please  click HERE to share. 

Nov 10th - Nov 13th

Hot Air Balloon

View the Chalk Festival from 120 feet in the air!

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Nov 10th - Nov 13th

Special Curated Exhibition

10th Anniversary Special Curation Catalog and Profile of Artists

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Nov 10th - Nov 13th

Join Us All 4 Days!

Celebrating Ten Years of Chalk

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Nov 10th - Nov 13th

3D Pavement Illusions

Largest Display of Illusion Pavement Paintings in One Location in the History of the Art Form

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Nov 10th - Nov 13th

Young and Young at Heart

A Visitors Interactive for The Creation of Impromptu Chalk Art

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Nov 11th - Nov 14th

Pavement Music Festival

Local and regional easy-listening and get-up-and-dance - enjoyment for all!

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Nov 13th - Nov 13th

Completed Artwork Viewing Day

Curated Section, 3D Illusions and Pavement Art

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