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Apr 5th - 7th



Historic Burns Square

531 South Pineapple Avenue , Sarasota, Florida, 34236

This April 5-7 the 2019 International Sarasota Chalk Festival will once again turn the pavement in Historic Burns Square, its original location in downtown Sarasota into a "Museum in Motion" as artists create masterpieces and 3D illusions using chalk as their medium and the road surface as their canvas! The last time the festival graced the streets in Sarasota was during its Legacy of Honor event in 2013. Join us April 5-7 and support the cultural arts!

Did you know that YOU the viewer are an essential part of the creative process for the pavement artists? Without you they would cease to do what they LOVE to do. It is YOU that makes this art form possible so join us and be an integral part of the performance. 

The Chalk Festival is an international cultural event that features the most important pavement artists from around the world and the largest display of 3D pavement illusion in the history of the art form. Experts and beginners work seamlessly alongside each other - each creating their own paintings. And, visitors are the essential part of the creative process as the viewer, a paradigm shift in the way we can experience fine art. 

Traditional Artwork

Unlike visiting a museum of already completed artwork, the festival is a "museum in motion" with hundreds of artists performing over 3 days on their hands and knees. Visitors get to watch as artists create amazing masterpieces before your eyes! 

3D Artwork

The Chalk Festival displays the largest number of 3D illusions than any other place or time in the history of the art form. 

The 3D illusion paintings appear to make the ground rise above or dip inward with complex and fun images - With the artists permission, visitors can jump into the painting and find themselves in the jaws of a shark or standing on a cliff edge! 

2018 Rescheduling due to Red Tide

Two New Dates in 2019!

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