"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe." - Anatole France Join us on an exciting journey as a team of the 'best of the best' pavement artists, use the Venice Airport runway as a canvas, to paint an underwater abyss of extinct and endangered sea creatures. The painting is to celebrate and bring attention to the 2014 theme "Extinct and Endangered Species' and will even include local species that are endangered, such as the sea turtles! The painting will be completed in time for the Sarasota Chalk Festival's opening on November 14th. It will span 42' x 450' feet, for a total of 18,900 square feet, and will require over 50 artists and hundreds of volunteers roughly two weeks to complete. When complete, the painting will become the Largest Anamorphic Pavement Art, earning the Guinness World Record! Please help us with our goal today! To insure an exacting geometry for the illusion, Denise Kowal, the founder of the festival, enlisted Kurt Wenner, the innovator of 3D pavement art, to create the design. In 1984 Wenner adapted the Renaissance techniques of perspectival anamorphosis by transferring the illusion of soaring architecture and floating figures from the ceiling to the ground below. Using a new geometry with oblique angles he was able to create compositions that appear to rise from, or fall into, the ground - creating a new art form that intrigues and inspires viewers world-wide. Can you help us inspire the world? The center of the painting will be dominated by the Megalodon Shark to pay homage to the City of Venice, the Shark Tooth Capital of the World. The Megalodon became known to have the most powerful bite of any creature that has ever lived, after research teams from the U.S. and Australia used computer simulations to calculate jaw strength - describing the results as terrifying. One of the first American female artist to master the 3D pavement art form, Julie Kirk-Purcell, is leading the team of artists. Artists from around the world, including the current World Record Holders - Gregor Wosik "are lending their hands to brush this World-Record into reality for the USA," says Kowal. Please donate to our crowd funding campaign and be a part of our winning team! We thank you! Visitors will be welcome to view the World Record artwork November 14-17, 2014. Go to World Record Attempt under Events to read details or go to Directions to find your way. Hope to see you soon! FUND WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT  The Circus Parade lg PHOTO: The Circus Parade by Kurt Wenner was created in 2012 for the Sarasota Chalk Festival 'Circus City, USA' theme. Artists from around the world helped Kurt chalk this 1,800 square foot masterpiece. The world record will be 10X larger than this installation! Artists included Julie Kirk-Purcell-USA, Genna Panzarella-USA, Lori Escalera-USA, Carolyn Schultz-USA, Fabio Fedele-ITALY, Vera Bugatti-ITALY, Melanie Stimmell-USA, Marion Ruthardt-GERMANY, Tomo Saito-JAPAN, David Brancato-SARASOTA, Jenny McCracken-AUSTRALIA, Ruben Martinez-MEXICO, Luigi Legno-ITALY, Valentina Sforzini-ITALY, Lorelle Miller-USA and of course, Kurt Wenner-USA!