Why now, more than ever, we need support!

Which is why we are so grateful for the generosity of our donors during the Giving Challenge 2020 and The Patterson Foundation. (please see list of donors below) We raised a total of $14,000, much needed! 

As many of you know, on March 6 we opened a 3D Illusion Museum in downtown Sarasota at the Ice House, 1314 10th Street, Sarasota, FL 34236 as a fundraising experience unlike anything every created before. The museum building was under contract and the seller Ross, and the buyer Mindy and Bobby agreed to gift our organization use of the building for five months, starting in January. We invested our reserves to fly in the artists, pay for their art supplies, food, lodging and expenses. 

Our founder, Denise Kowal came up with this fundraising idea after bad weather hindered the November 2019 Chalk Festival ability to make budget. Kowal quickly organized a small group of volunteers and artists to work on the Museum project. Everyone worked for two and a half months to turn the Ice House into a museum featuring over 45 interactive hand-painted illusions by Chalk Festival world-renowned artists. It was scheduled to be open March 6 - May 31.

But by March COVID-19 started to make the news, certain artists could not travel to the US and shortly after our March 6th opening we were quarantined and closed down for the month of April. 

Nevertheless much has been accomplished and we plan to open the Museum for the month of May with limited capacity for social distancing. Thereafter we look forward to November 2020 to host the Chalk Festival at the Venice Airport. See you there!

THANK YOU TO OUR 2020 Giving Challenge Donors:

The Patterson Foundation for all they do for ALL nonprofits by doubling our donors gifts!         
Ross Mercier                                 
26 Anonymous Donors 
Russ & Betsy Bullis                       
Darlene Correll                               
Michael Felton
Charlie Bartlett                             
Susan Davenport                           
Mark Donnelly
Signey Ettedui                               
Nicole Harden                                 
Frascone Family
Bill Baranowski                              
Gaye Doolittle                                 
Melinda Gallant
Grace Baranowski                         
Michael Barfield                             
Sandra Vecchione
Sam Baranowski                           
Russ & Betsy Bullis                         
Joann Guinane
Carole Caryl                                 
The Fountain Kitchen                     
Christine Hanrahan
Doug Henry                                   
Joy Bush                                         
Nicole Harden
Sarah Condran                             
Stephanie Cavanagh                     
Larry & Judy Heipel
Michael Griffin                               
Lisa Clift                                         
Laura Hester
Rose Altreuter                               
Nili Dutton                                       
Shanon Hoff
Floys Johnson                               
Manuel Lopez                                 
Emer Kelly
Kenyon Kowal                               
Jody Jorgensen                               
Alanna Kirt
Catherine Pickett                           
Lori Olsen                                       
Priscila Molnar
Nadja Moeller                               
Bridget Lyons                                 
Christie Smith                               
Denis Merchant                               
Byrdie Sue
Carla Wright                                 
David Zachos                                 
Barbara Young
Bobbie Wheeler                           
Barbara Wetzel                               
Jaime Wallace
Dr. Tom Akel                                 
Devon Smith                                   
Nevada Smith
Austin Kowal                                 
Christie Smith                                 
Denise Kowal